He is currently concentrating on pottery, both sculptural and functional and has a ceramic studio attached to their large horse barn in Prescott, Arizona. The horses can actually look in the windows of the studio and watch him work and sling clay. He is currently in the process of installing a soda vaporizing kiln to further expand his rather unusual clay statements.

For more than 60 years Bruce has been creating in a wide variety of disciplines and mediums including, watercolor, oil, printmaking, industrial design, cosmetics/OTC drugs, and most currently, ceramics.  In addition, he authored a book on proper proportion in the visual arts.  He first started painting when he was only 5 with his father, who was a top national watercolor artist . Most importantly, he has never stopped creating.

About Bruce


He spent five years in art school and has studied with some of the world’s most famous potters like Peter Voulkos who was his first ceramic instructor. Since graduating from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art and design he has sold over 5000 paintings.

Roxanne, his wife of 40 years has been taking care of the businesses they have created together. For many years she was in the picture framing business and is a master framer.